About Author

Name: Meraj
Full name: Meraj-Ul Islam
Nicknames: Scrpion, The Knight King, Prince, WhQ
Age: 22
Hobbies: Programming, Gaming, Listening Songs, Watching Movies, Browsing Internet, Gossiping, Making New Friends, Learning Languages, Learning Something New, Intresting and Unique
Religion: Islam 💜
Languages: Bengali, English, Japanese, Hindi (Phonetic), Urdu (Phonetic), Indonesian
Country: Bangladesh 💜
Education: BSS (Honors) 2nd Year (Discontinued)
Institute: Kazi Mohammed Shafiqul Islam University College, Islampur, Bijoynogor, Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh. (Discontinued)
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About Site

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1. Material designed. Inspiredd by google's android ui (version 5.0+) 2. Lightening Fast 2. HTTP/2 3. Graphical User Interface 4. User Friendly UI 5. Floating pulse buttons (for gaining user attention for specific actions) 6. Easy navigation menu 7. Powerful but easy to use Search Engine (You should Try it :) ) 8. Fast server 9. Optimized for Mobile and Tablets (currently UI for PC is not developed because I don't own a PC. But it's not will be worse I hope.) 10. Built-in translator (in forum) 11. Auto login feature via unique URL (in forum) 12. WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is -What-You-Get) editor (in forum) so, you don't have add BBCodes manually 13. Easy sharing (UI like android share) 14. No forced ad redirets (ads are placed at a few place) so no annoying ads! 15. Up to dated contents


Google: Who helped me to learn everything I want to.
HelioHost: For their free but premium featured web hosting. I think they are the best free web hosting in the world. Thank you HelioHost.
PHP: A easy to learn but powerful programming language for websites creating.
MySQL: A database management system that allows to perform various data query functions in easy way. Easy to learn and can intergrate with many programming language.
Programmers: Other known / unknown programmers for their written scripts / programs.
J200F: Samsung Galaxy J2. A powerful Android device including super fast exonys ram, powerful 2000mAh battery, Super amoled display and many more. I've build up this site on this phone.
ES File Explorer: For editing files, zip / unzip, manage / delete, and many more options both in local and FTP. I love this app.