What is Android?

Intruduction: Well, now days everyone know Android. Android is OS (Operating System) was invented for smartphone. Maybe it is the most popular OS for smartphones. But it's not limited to smartphone only. Using of Android is increasing everyday

History: Android was originally developed for camera by Andy Rubin. He loved robots. That's how Android was named. In 2004 Google announced to continue android's further development as their product.

Structure: Android OS is built from Linux OS. Android devices are basically built upon in two component. They are:

  1. Hardware
  2. Software
Hardware: This is the physical structure of android devices whic we can touch, feel, carry and use.Software: Software is basically installed on Android device which makes android device run and operatable. There is one more thing called Kernel. Kernel works like a connector. It connects OS to hardware to make hardware components operatable via OS. Kernel is responsible for booting android in a device.

Usage: Android is generally used in smartphones and tablets. But recently peoples are using on TV and other devices.
Conclution: Android is a revolutionary OS. It's popular for many reasons. One of them is Android is open source. That's attracts most developers to Android OS. If you are not an developer then you don't know how awsome android is! You will find so many cool and awsome things about android in this site!
See you!

Posted at: 1:46 AM, 17 Aug 2018 (GMT +6)

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