Android Rooting

 Q. What the heck is root?
A. Well, if you don't know about android root privilege then you are welcome to world of awesomeness.

Before knowing how it is awesome you need to know what root is and how it works.

Introduction: I have already explained about android on a previous post . As of Android structure it is built based on linux. On linux you don't need to gain root access, linux have root access by default. But Google restricted root access on Android for security reasons. But root access could be gained in servel ways in most Android devices.
Rooting:  In earlier versions of Android gaining root access was so easy. Starting from Android 5.0 (Lolipop) rooting gets harder because of google's  improving of android security. After porting of SELinux from Samsung it rooting gets more hard to gain.
Root means root access or root privilege. The process used for root called rooting. After gaining root access a device called rooted device.
After rooting you actually get the privilege to control your device fully. You can get full access to restricted directories and files. You can modify them to do some awesome things on your android.
Advantage of Rooting: Here is some advantage of rooting below:

Disadvantage of rooting: Even bright lights causes shadows. Rooting have also some disadvantages. Which are:
Points to be remembered before rooting: Some informations you need to know before rooting your device:
How to Root an Android device: It's the hardest question about android rooting. Normally no devices comes with root access by default. But you can root your android using some tricks and risk. There no specific method for rooting. There are two types of root. Normal and Systemless.
Normal rooting patches directly system on android and get root access.
Systemless root gain root access without modifying system directory. It uses other directory like data or su rather than system.
Common methods of rooting: Mostly there are two methods of rooting: 1. One-Click root (Android and PC apps) and 2. Using Custom Recovery.
One-Click Rooting: There are lots of apps available for mobile and PC which let users to root their android devices with only one click or tap. That's why it's called one-click root. This method is very easy and contains no risks. Below is some list of one-click rooting apps available on internet:
There are many more as available. You can find them using search engines (e.g.: Google). Custom Recovery Method: This method contains a lots of risks. You also need some knowledge about advance knowledge of android and modifying android device. You should search on internet how to root your device with custom recovery if can't root with one-click rooting apps. How to check root status: To check your device's root status, Install Root Checker App app.

After gained root, you will see how amazing your Android device is! Just keep an eye to our site to know more about root and it's awesomeness. Don't forget to share this with your friends! Let them know, what do you are learning now.

Posted at: 11:03 PM, 10 Sep 2018 (GMT +6)

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